Please read instructions carefully before using

  • GUNIWHEEL™ is designed as alternative to jack stands and is intended for vehicle mounting purposes.

  • GUNIWHEEL™ is not a spare tire. It is not intended for road use. It may be used to move vehicles around a shop or lot at a max speed of 5mph/8kmh.

  • Before installation, make sure the hub/rotor is securely attached to the car and free of any damage.

Figure 1

Figure 1

  • Align the GUNIWHEEL™ with the lug pattern of the vehicle.

  • Place the GUNIWHEEL™ flush against the hub/rotor. (see Figure 1)

Figure 2

Figure 2

  • If the vehicle has over-sized brake calipers, a GUNISPACER™ should be used behind the GUNIWHEEL™ to create enough clearance from the caliper to allow an unobstructed rotation of the GUNIWHEEL™ while securing the correct position against the hub/rotor. (see Fig 2)

  • The GUNISPACER™ should only be used as a brake caliper clearance device. It is not a washer for bolts and lugnuts that are not the suitable size to secure the GUNIWHEEL™.

Figure 3

Figure 3

  • We strongly recommend using M15 6mm washers with GUNIWHEEL™ (see fig 3).

  • By using washers, you will prevent damage to the GUNIWHEEL™ face and prevent lug nut/bolt over-tightening.

  • GUNIWASHERS are coming soon to

Figure 4

Figure 4

  • If the original OEM bolts or lugnuts are unable to secure the GUNIWHEEL™ to the vehicle hub/rotor then GUNINUTS or GUNIBOLTS should purchased to suit the vehicles bolt, lug nut, and thread specification to enable secure installation of the GUNIWHEEL™ (see Fig 4)

  • Correct Bolts Sizes: M14 x 23 mm x 1.5 mm or M14 x 23 mm x 1.25 mm

  • Correct Nut Size: M14 open end nut

  • GUNIBOLTS and GUNINUTS are available online at,, or any Keystone Automotive location.

Figure 5

Figure 5

  • Once the GUNIWHEEL™ is in the correct position, insert the suitable bolts into the lug holes and make sure to tighten the bolts to snug - 50 lbs max torque.

  • If the vehicle has the stubs (bolts) extruding from the hub/rotor make sure the lug nuts can tighten GUNIWHEEL™ securely against the hub. (see Fig 5)

  • If there is any noticeable movement of the GUNIWHEEL™ once the lug nuts or bolts are tightened to 50 lbs max torque , then the installation is not correct. The GUNIWHEEL™ should be remounted and tightly secured to the hub/rotor.

  • Do not over torque the lug nuts/bolts as this may damage to the lug pattern. 50 lbs max torque

  • Motorized use of a vehicle with the GUNIWHEEL™ has a max speed limit of 5mph/8kmh.

  • The GUNIWHEEL™ comes equipped with speed humps on the rubber tread. These humps will shake the vehicle at speeds over 5mph/8kmh.

  • We recommend replacing the GUNIWHEEL™ when the speed humps are worn to a level even with the rubber tread.

  • The max load rating is embedded into the GUNIWHEEL™ .

  • The makers of GUNIWHEEL™ are not liable for any damages as a result of improper installation or non-recommended use.